General Gymnastics

Fulltime school

Found a love for Gymnastics and want to learn
​how to flip, tumble and fly?

Then our general gym sessions are just what your looking for! 
Our General Gym is great fun for children 4yrs and over at full time school. With weekly sessions they progress through our award scheme. The best part about general gym is that your child can learn at their own pace! With our qualified teachers on hand to give support and motivation, learning is fun. They can learn basic gymnastic elements on each piece of apparatus and can also achieve awards on the UK Gymnastics Award scheme. We start at award 8 and they progress to award 1 then onto bronze silver and gold. We have started new advanced award scheme which carries on from the gold award and is a further 3 awards.

Assessment Week's

We assess your children on our Award Scheme on week 9 and 10 of our term. This allows your children to practice and learn their current badge from week's 1 to 8! Children will learn at their own pace and it is important that they understand this is not a pass or fail test. If they do not progress to the next award they are just not quite ready yet. Each award is a progression for the next so it is important that we do not rush your children. Please be aware we provide two weeks of assessment opportunities if your child does not attend these assessment weeks they will need to then wait until the end of next term to be assessed. 

General Gym Session Times
Full time school and over
Monday to Friday
3:45pm - 4:45pm
4:45pm - 5:45pm
8am - 9.00am
9am - 10am
10am - 11am
11am - 12am
12am - 1pm

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday

7 years and over

5.45pm - 6.45pm



We are open 50 weeks a year 
​only closed 2 weeks over Christmas
and the Gym will be closed every bank holiday
General Gym Prices

We provide two pay-as-you-go sessions at £8.00 per session
​once your child gets a space on a session
to ensure your child enjoy's their time here at
​Lynx before paying the term and Membership fee.
Payment is £70.00 per 10 week term
Annual membership £35.00 from 1st October each year. 

Please create an account and follow the directions to add your child to a class choosing the Wait option.

The wait is 10 to 12 month at the moment.

 Late Payment fee of £5.00 will be added each week late. Due to high demand and waiting lists, if you do not attend the first two sessions of term you will lose your place within their session.

Please Check the home page for any closure and Term Dates

Policies and Procedures


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