Here we will try to answer any frequently asked questions that our Team receive:

Why do we have to pay for an annual membership?

Annual membership is unfortunately a mandatory insurance that all children participating in Gymnastics must have.


Why do we have to do trial sessions? Can we sign up for a full term?

We always advise your child to do two trial sessions to ensure they enjoy the class before committing to annual membership and a monthly term. As a children's charity we are non-refundable. 

If your having difficulty booking on, please email us at Usually if it wont let you book on, the class may be full. We do have a strict limit at the moment due to covid-19.

My child received a slip for their next badge, how do I pay for it?

It's super easy! Email us at your child's name and badge. We will then add payment to your parent portal and prepare their badge for their next class. We recommend you email a minimum of 2-3 days before the next class. We cannot guarantee that emails received the morning of their class will have their badge prepared in time.

How can I see the progress of my child on their badge?

We try our very best to help all parents stay updated via your parent portal. If you log in and click on the part that says 'evaluations' you will be able to see the latest updates. Please note that all children are required to be able to perform 8 out of 10 skills to progress onto the next stage. We understand some skills are tricky and can take longer to learn, so some badges may take a little longer than others to achieve. Our coaches, were possible, can update the skills with feedback notes.

I'm struggling to book onto a Play With Me class, what can I do?