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When you sign up to Gymnastics and become an official Member you begin our badge reward scheme. Here are some helpful Q&A'S to help you understand how it all works! 

How it all works!

  • Badges are an on-going assessment by the Supervisors.

  • Skills are practiced within a Group Setting.

  • 8 out of 10 Skills must be achieved to progress onto the next level.

  • The 8 skills must include Vault.

  • To access feedback for your child's progress please follow these instructions:

- Log into your parent portal at

- Click My Account

- You should see your child's profile, click the star Evaluations.


  • Once your child has completed a Badge, he/she will automatically join a new group, or in some instances a new class.

  • If your child is due to move to a higher level class, you will be informed to move to a later time on your pass slip. Our Admin Team at Reception will be able to help you.

  • Your child will be developing on an individual timeline and may require more practice to gain a badge.

  • Please refrain from comparing your child to others.

  • To progress to the next level, your child will require a good understanding, consistency and physical ability to execute the skill safely.

  • For new members, your child will be assessed and placed on the badge we feel is an appropriate starting point.

  • No child can be fast tracked or skip a badge. The Badge scheme is carefully designed by performance coaches to build confidence, Each badge are skills broken down into progressions.

  • Some children may find a Badge a little tricky now and again, and may have to practice a little longer on a skill. If your child is taking a little longer to pass than a previous badge, we please ask you put your trust into our coaches to support your child through this and to not add any extra pressure to your child, as we are sure they are trying their best.

  • If you feel your child would like more practice, you can enroll them onto a second session. Providing we have availability our Admin Team can help you with this.

  • Please remember, In order to achieve a skill consistently, practice is required. If you haven't had an update on your evaluation portal in a little while, don't panic your child will be learning their Badge. When the Supervisor is happy your child is confident in that skill, they will add the evaluations.

  • It is important for the Supervisor to make the final and correct decision on assessing your child in order to progress as each Badge is harder than the next.

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