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Winter Day Cup Postponed

Dear Parent and Gymnast.

It is with a heavy heart that with the recent increase of positive covid cases we need to let you know that the Winter Day Cup competition which was running on Sunday 12th December has been postponed.

We are disappointed to have needed to make this decision and it has not been a decision that we made lightly.

We would like this competition to be in a fun and safe environment, and with it being in dedication to Ann, we know she would not want us to continue if it was putting anyone's health and Christmas at a risk.

With the recent increase of positive covid cases resulting in quite a few drop outs from the competition this week, our outside music / announcement company cancelling due to covid, and Christmas just around the corner we would hate for anyone to catch covid despite our best efforts to temperature check, lateral Fow and face coverings, and end up in isolation for Christmas Day. Our staff have worked hard to keep the competition running but some of them themselves are now isolating for the next 10 days.

We would hope to postpone this competition and run it again around April/May time next year. This would mean we can open the gym doors allowing sufficient ventilation, the hope of less covid cases and hopefully allowing more than one spectator to be able to attend. We will be in contact once we have set a new date.

We truly apologise and know the gymnasts will be very disappointed but to save everyone's Christmas and to keep everyone safe we feel this is the most responsible and best option at this current time.

Your gymnast will be automatically entered on the new date and we will assess their levels near to the time. If you will be unable to attend this new date we will credit the money back into your account.

Kind regards

Aimee and Michelle

(Winter Day Cup competition organisers)

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