Fun Gymnastics Sessions
11yrs & under

Fun Sessions

Our Saturday Sessions only take place when a Member of Staff is available to volunteer their time.
Please ensure you check our Facebook Page or call in advance for our next
Fun Session Dates as ​these days are subject to change.

This Fun Session is strictly for 11 yrs and Under.
Please respect the age restriction no child older than 11 years is allowed in gym.
​£7.00 per Child
This session is parental supervision you must be in the gym with your children Older siblings cannot supervise the youngsters. 
Please be aware children without Parental Supervision will NOT
​be allowed into the gym and will be asked to leave until a parent is present.

Attention ALL Parents: We've unfortunately had parents bring their children to our Fun Sessions and then leave them unsupervised! We've also had Parents attend but wait in our lounge area whilst the children are playing.
Can we remind all Parents these sessions are strictly 11years and Under and require Adult Supervision at all times.
ALL parents MUST be in the gym whilst their children are using the equipment.

Fun Session Rules & Regulations.

Please be aware these Rules are set in place to ensure all customers are safe at Lynx Gym. 
These rules must be followed or you will be asked to exit the building.
We are limited on numbers and once we reach capacity we can not let any extras in.
Please note: This is a parental supervision. You are in charge of the children you bring to the gym.
Please remind them of the rules to keep themselves and others safe.
No shoes or food or drink in the gym area.
Please do not move any equipment or blocks, to ensure safety in the gym.
NO one over 60kg/9st6lbs on the Bars
1 person only on the trampoline at any time.
Line up against the wall for your turn and don’t stand on the red surround.
Pit Area
Please make sure the pit is clear before jumping in.
No hiding under the foam. KEEP THE FOAM IN THE PIT.
Blue pit area must be kept clear no playing on it .
Not more than 5 on the inflatable at anyone time.
Fast Track
ONE WAY ONLY, start at the wall bars and finish on the mat.
If you want another go you must walk up the side of the track on the blue matting.
For older children
No Running wild in the gym,
please be aware there are younger children playing too.
Please take it in turns.
For Parents with younger children.
You must keep and extra eye out and ensure your little ones are safe and the rules are being followed.

​Please note; Any child (or Adult) not Following the rules or misbehaving will be warned once.
Any rule breaking or bad behavior after that you will be asked to leave.
Not only will this take away the enjoyment for others but is also a risk of injury to themselves and others
Thank you for your co-operation.
Lynx Gymnastics Center.
- Our upstairs area is out of bounds. If you require any assistance please ring our office bell or contact a member of staff on duty. 
- Our building is a non-smoking area. If you need to smoke please ensure you are in the car park away from our entry doors. 

We hope that all future customers can respect our Rules that have been put in place. 


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